Denmark – 1997

Visit of the Danish Veterinary History Association to Berlin and Poland,

1-10 June 1997. Report by Ivan Katic.

To commemorate the fact that prof. Eric Viborg travelled 200 years ago to Poland in order to buy horses for the Royal Danish Studs*), 34 members of the Danish Veterinary History Association followed Viborg’s steps. The way there, they made a stop in Berlin, where they were received by Dr. Martin Brumme. He showed them around at the old Veterinary School in Berlin-Mitte with its famous Zootomy Building, and told about the history of the school, established in 1791. His talk was followed by a short lecture by I. Katic on 200 years of relations between the Danish and the Berlin schools. In the afternoon Virchow’s Museum was visited and the restauration of his institute, demolished during World War II, was seen.

The next stop was in Poland, where the participants had the chance to visit the Wavel Castle in Cracow and some museums, a.o. the Czartoryski Museum, where Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady with the ermine is the absolute attraction. South of Cracow, in Bialsko, the Danish vets visited a stud farm with Anglo-Arabian horses. Every year many yearlings are sold to be trained for the sport.

In Pulawy the Veterinary Institute was visited, and also the famous Czartoryski Castle, once the only place where Polish noblemen could meet and discuss the liberation of their country. In Pulawy is also a small museum with a display in memory of the eradication of rinderpest in Poland in the 1920’s.

In Lublin a visit was paid to the Veterinary School, the University and the Lublin Academy, where a concert was given.

The last destination was the Veterinary Museum in Ciechanowiec. The visitors were received there very cordially. Under the guidance of Grzegorz Jakubik DVM the large collection, consisting of 3500 items, was admired. Jakubik explained the activities of the museum, that regularly organizes symposia together with the Veterinary History Section of the Polish Veterinary Association. In 1997 two symposia are held: one on the contributions of women veterinarians in Poland (vide infra sub POLAND) and the other on Polish veterinarians abroad.

The total price of this excursion was 4500 DKr. (approx. US $ 750.-) with travel by bus and very good hotels.

*) A brochure of 32 pp. to commemorate Viborg’s journey, and at the same time the 175th anniversary of his death, was published by I. Katic under the title En rejse til Polen og Rusland i 1796 (Kilder til veterinærhistorisk forskning nr.10. ISBN 0903-96-86), also published as a supplement to Dansk Veterinærhistorisk Aarbog38, 1998.