Sesquicentennial of the Ontario Veterinary College

On Friday June 15, about forty-five people gathered at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) in Guelph, Ontario, for a day-long historical program marking the 150th anniversary of the College’s founding.

Brian Derbyshire organized the day’s events, sponsored jointly by the OVC and the American Veterinary Medical History Society. ” Eight speakers, including veterinarians, laboratory scientists, and historians, focused on the theme, “Cross-Border Connections in Canadian & U. S. Veterinary History.”

Brian Derbyshire introduced the theme; Terry Crowley described 19th-century student life through the eyes of an American student; Dean Percy examined connections in pathology; Lisa Cox assayed bovine tuberculosis in Ontario and neighboring New York state; Elizabeth Stone examined the history of OVC women; John Prescott provided a biography of pathologist Frank Schofield; Phil Teigen examined the lives of two veterinarians trained in Canada who then established careers in Washington, DC; and Ian Barker concluded the day’s program with an account of the past present and future of the C. A. V. Barker Museum of Canadian Veterinary History. Helen and Zbigniew Wojcinski, graduates of OVC and now veterinary scientists in Michigan, ably moderated the entire program.