World Veterinary Association News – April 2013


The WVA is happy to announce that the WVA Presidents Assembly (PA) 2013 will take place on Thursday 19th September 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic during the World Veterinary Congress 2013. The PA will be followed by the WVA 150 year’s celebration event.

Very important points on the PA agenda are the vote for the new constitution and by-laws as well as a new set of rules for the future World Veterinary Congress.

To read more about the Presidents Assembly, as well as committee activities, download the pdf of the complete WVA announcements.

Czech Republic

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Brno regularly publishes small monographs in Czechoslovak language in the field of veterinary biography/history under the serial title Historia medicinae veterinariae (not to be confused with the periodical published in Denmark!). The history issues have their own serial number, next to a number of the Faculty’s general serial.

Some of the recent titles are:

Böhm, R. et al. (eds.) Carvas, J. (1917-1992) [My diary from Zlin]. Zlínsky diár. Brno: Konvoj, 1996. 46 p. (Historia Medicinae Veterinariae. Brno; 28).

Filka, J.; Sindlar, J. (eds.) [Doc. Rer. Nat. dr. Otakar Koutný (1905-1992). Outline of his life and work]. Doc.R-NDr. Otakar Koutný. Nárys zivota a díla. Brno: Konvoj, 1995. 40 p. (Historia medicinae veterinariae Brno; 26).

Filka, J. (ed.) Lojda, L. [The past and future of genetic disease prevention in veterinary medicine]. Historie a perspektivy genetické prevence ve veterinární medicíne. Brno: Konvoj, 1996. 37 p. (Historia Medicinae Veterinariae. Brno; 31).