Argentina – 2000

Osvaldo Antonio Pérez, president of the Asociación Argentina de Historia de la Veterinaria (ASARHIVE) writes:

The society that I preside over was founded on April, 25th, 1997 in Buenos Aires. It is part of the Argentine Society of Veterinary Medicine, and uses this society’s address: Chile 1856, (1277) Buenos Aires, República Argentina.

The address of the president is: San Nicolás 1436, (1407) Buenos Aires, and of the secretary, Dr. Faustino Carreras: Solis 887, (1686) Hurlingham, Provincia de Buenos Aires.

The society has now a membership of 26 members who are veterinarians, six members (“socios adherentes”) who are not veterinarians and five corresponding members (all from Spain).

Eight members are in the board of the society. The annual fee is 30 pesos. The emblem of the society shows Victor Zabala’s image, who is considered as the father of Argentine veterinary medicine. He lived from 1872-1919).

Each year a literary competion is written out for two categories, for advanced students and for professionals. The 1998 competition was won by Oscar J. Lombardero with a paper on the history of Argentine parasitology.

The society publishes a bi-monthly bulletin of eight pages each, distributed together with the periodical of the national veterinary society”.

ASARHIVE is maintaining a homepage on the internet with the address:

It contains: the aims of the society, the membership list, an index of articles published in the bulletin (that can be ordered online), addresses of veterinary schools and societies, news, links to other internet sites, pictures from the past. On the last mentioned page the cover is reproduced of the book by Osvaldo A. Pérez, Hombres, hechos y nombres de la Veterinaria Argentina (Men, facts and names of Argentine veterinary medicine). After clicking this picture the complete index with all the names of the people who were of any importance to veterinary medicine in the country is shown. The next step would be to make available the information itself, now still hidden behind the pagenumbers. Then Argentina would be the first country with a complete electronic dictionary of veterinary biography!