Oral History

Recording the experiences of veterinarians is vital to capture the changing nature of veterinary education and practice, providing historians with rich and engaging evidence.

The ‘Talking History’ Panel at London 2014.  Sue Bradley interviews (l-r), Mr Anton Rosenbom (Denmark), Mr Hanspeter Meier (Switzerland), Mr Carl Boyde (UK) and Mr Rob Back (Netherlands)


Joaquin Sánchez de Lollano and Carlos Ballesteros,  Oral History: Experience and Methods in Veterinary History

Capturing Life in Practice from the 20th to the 21st CenturyAn exciting new project, in collaboration with the British Library and The Centre for Rural Economy, aims to conduct in-depth interviews with a wide range of vets, their colleagues and families – to discover and record how veterinary practice has changed and evolved in the UK, with a view to developing the material as an evidence-based resource for veterinary education.

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