Bulletin of the Dutch Veterinary History Society
Netherlands, Publishing annually, 1994 –
Latest issue: 2016

Contact: Netherlands Society for Veterinary History
E.J. Tjalsma, Secr., Kampwal 62, 8301 AC Emmeloord, The Netherlands
T: + 31 620422989

The contents and abstracts in English for editions from 1994 to 2002 can be downloaded here



Australian Veterinary History Record
Australia, Published three times a year

The complete archive of the AVHR is available through the University of Sydney library

Latest issue: March 2016

  • Christopher Bunn, The history of quarantine on Torrens Island, South
    Australia, 1850s to the present
  • Margaret Lacy, Robert Nairn Johnstone 1884–1935

Danish Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine – Yearbook

French Society for the History of Veterinary Medicine – Bulletin [Histoire de la Médecine et des Sciences Vétérinaires]

Contents of the journal from 2003, together with the majority of full articles, can be accessed here.

Latest issue: 2014

  • David GUILLIER, History of the Dog in Animation
  • Claude MILHAUD, The equine mange epizootic during World War One: prevention and therapeutic failure
  • Emmanuel DUMAS, The Alfort Battalion’s battle to defend Charenton’s bridge on 30 march 1814
  • François VALLAT, A paradoxical veterinary teacher, the Norman André de Chaumontel (1752-1814)
  • Nicolas BARON, The sheep of Bas-Berry and liver fluke disease from the end of the 18th to the middle of the 20th century
  • Par François VALLAT, Veterinary and animal suffering: from indifference to compassion
  • François VALLAT, The forgotten pathology of work horses, 1800-1918 — Contribution of the written sources and anatomical collections of the Alfort Veterinary School
  • Christophe DEGUEURCE, The Charlier method of farriery, history of a controversy
  • Yvonne POULLE-DRIEUX, Restraint of horses during the Middle Ages
  • François VALLAT, The restraint of horses as described by ancient Greek and Roman authors, from first to fourth century AD

Historia Medicinae Veterinariae

The international journal Historia Medicinae Veterinariae: Journal of Veterinary Biography was founded in 1976.

Correspondence to the journal can be directed to:

Sondergade 39
DK-4130 Viby
Sjælland, Denmark

Contents of the journals 1993 – 2012 can be found here

Japanese Journal of Veterinary History

The address for the Japanese Journal of Veterinary History is: Azabu University, School of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, 1-17-71 Fuchinobe, Sagamihra 229-8501, Japan.

Contents for 1999-2002 can be found here


Veterinary Heritage


Veterinary History
The Journal of the Veterinary History Society, UK

UK, published twice yearly, 1973 –
Latest issue: Volume 18, No. 3, 2016
Available on subscription. Please write to the Editor, John Clewlow

A link to an index of all volumes is available here