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Veterinary Journals – Contents and abstracts for recent journals pertaining to the history of veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Museums of the world 


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8 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Hello, is there a way to search for british veterinary hospitals in india during the british raj? If my great grandfather worked for a a british vet hospital in india in the 1930s-1940s- is there a way to search for him?

    Is there a database?

  2. Hi,
    I’m a second year student in Ancient History and have just started reading around my dissertation topic in readiness for next term, my third year. I am looking to research evidence for equine veterinary practices in the Roman Empire. I have my ancient authors, inscriptions, as well as your extensive bibliography. Do you know of any recent papers that have been published reviewing this subject? Do the museums in London on this website have artifacts dating back to the Empire?
    Many Thanks.

  3. My grandfather, Dr. Harry Webster Acheson was in the first (or nearly the first) class of the United States College of Veterinary Surgeons found by C. Barnwell Robinson.
    Are there any pictures from those early classed that I might be able to get copies of for my genealogy site?
    thanks you

    • Dear Lois,
      I have never encountered any photos from Robinson’s College, but if there are any extant, I’ll bet someone in the American Veterinary Medical History Society has. You can contact the AVMHS members by sending your message to Susanne Whitaker, Secretary: Email: or

      Good luck!
      Susan Jones

  4. Hello,

    I am working on a translation of a Spanish falconry text from 1565. The second half of the work is dedicated to veterinary medicine. Could anybody please recommend works that could help me gain an understanding of the prevalent views of the period?

    Many thanks,

    Peter Toot

    • Dear Peter,
      What a fascinating topic! I trust that you have looked through the bibliography here on the WAHVM website.

      I would also encourage you to contact one of my Spanish colleagues:

      Dr. Joaquin Sanchez de Lollano,

      He may be able to direct you to more resources.

      Good luck,
      Susan Jones

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