Annual Subscriptions

For National Societies for the History of Veterinary Medicine annual subscriptions are based on number of active members.

  • Each association will decide on the number of active members & send this information, along with names of officers, to Secretary Andrew Gardiner (
  • Each association can pay the annual subscription using the “Donate” button to specify the amount of your subscription, or by post, sending to Treasurer Tijmen van de Vuurst, Hofzichtlaan 9, 2594 CB Den Haag,  The Netherlands a check or money order payable to the World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine using this form.  Bank account information for money orders or direct transfers is as follows: the IBAN is NL66 INGB 0651 9368 02; the BIC/SEPA code is INGBNL2A; the account name is “T.G. van de Vuurst WAHVM” with the mailing address listed above; and the bank address is ING bank NV, Foreign operations, PO box 1800, 1000BV AmsterdamYou can contact the Treasurer at for further information about payment.
    1. 50 active members or fewer: 4 Euro per member, per annum.
    2. 51 to 100 active members: 3 Euro per member, per annum.
    3. More than 100 active members: 2 Euro per member, per annum.

Example: The Atlantis National Association has 72 active members. 72 x 3 Euro = 216 Euro annual subscription.

Payable with a credit card from anywhere in the world using our secure Paypal account.

Please also update your National Association’s name, secretariat details, and number of active members on the National Associations webpage, or send information to:

Dr. Andrew Gardiner
WAHVM Secretary
The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and The Roslin Institute
Easter Bush Campus, Midlothian, EH25 9RG
phone: (+44) 0131 651 7300


Tijmen van de Vuurst, DVM
Dutch Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine
Hofzichtlaan 9
2594 CB Den Haag
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 70 3280996
Mobile: +31 6 52434030

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