Annual report 2005 of the Austrian national society

The Austrian Society of Veterinary History, being a section of the Austrian Society of Veterinarians, at present counts a membership of 22 persons.

Our society sustained a severe loss by the passing away of DDDr. Rudolf Rautschka, chemist, veterinarian and historian and one of the most skilled experts in the history of Austrian military veterinary service. In November the society hosted a small but well accepted symposium on the occasion of the publishing of a Middle-Armenian text book on equine medicine. As the contribution of R. Rautschka turned out to be his last published paper on veterinary history this meeting was also held in memory of our colleague.

During the year 2005 two theses on veterinary historical topics have been approved:

Nicola JUGLER: Die Tierseuchengesetzgebung und andere Maßnahmen der Tierseuchenbekämpfung von 1750-1780 im Vergleich der Herzogtümer Jülich und Berg mit den Habsburgischen Kronländern

Katrin TSCHACHLER: Die veterinärmedizinische Versorgung der Pferde des k. u. k. Heeres 1914 – 1918.

Additionally, in the journal of the Austrian Society of Veterinarians (Wiener Tierärztliche Monatsschrift) two papers on veterinary history appeared:

Ch. STANEK, Ch. MACHE, R. RAUTSCHKA: Die k. u. k. Tierärztliche Hochschule in Wien und der Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkrieges. WTM 92, 46-51.

A. PENGOV: Die Viehhaltung und das Veterinärwesen in der deutschen Sprachinsel Gottschee, WTM 92, 182-190

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