Veterinary History, August 2012

Veterinary History, Vol. 16(3), was published in August, 2012.  

“An African Story (Editorial),” Bruce V. Jones

“Autobiography (6)” James Beart Simonds

“Early Teaching of the Veterinary Art and Science in Edinburgh,” Alastair A. Macdonald and Colin M. Warwick

“A Previously Unrecorded Copy of The Gentleman’s Pocket-Farrier,” John Clewlow

Four Veterinary Corps Officers: Their Contribution in the Context of Their Times,” G.R. Durran

“Connie May Ford, MBE, MRCVS, 1912-1998,” G. Francis Clegg

The Crescent York: Reminiscences of Four Assistants in their First Practice,” F.T.W. Jordan, G. Grant, M. Collins and A.D. Weaver

“Feeding the Ancient Horse,” Thomas Donaghy

“Old Time Farriery Writers: Snape, Sainbel and Blaine,” G.E. Fussell

“Richard David Locke BVSc, DVSM, MRCVS (Obituary),” Jean Mann

“From Green Monkeys and Baboons: The Story of the RCVS Museum,” Clare Boulton

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